Multipair Two-Way Half-Duplex DF Relaying With Massive Arrays and Imperfect CSI - 2018


This Project considers a 2-way 0.5-duplex decode-and-forward relaying system, where multiple pairs of single-antenna users exchange data via a multiple-antenna relay. Assuming that the channel knowledge is nonideal and also the relay employs most ratio processing, we derive a largescale approximation of the add spectral efficiency (SE) that is tight when the amount of relay antennas M becomes very giant. Furthermore, we tend to study how the transmit power scales with M to maintain a desired SE. In particular, three special powerscaling cases are mentioned and the corresponding asymptotic SE is deduced with clear insights. Our elegant power-scaling laws reveal a tradeoff between the transmit powers of the user/relay and pilot symbol. Finally, we tend to formulate an influence allocation drawback in terms of maximizing the add SE and get a native optimum by solving a sequence of geometric programming issues.

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