Mixed Mode Transmission and Resource Allocation for D2D Communication - 2016


In cellular Communication systems with optional device-to-device (D2D) links, user equipments (UEs) will operate in either D2D mode or cellular mode for knowledge transport. This work introduces mixed-mode D2D Communication in that D2D links can operate in multiple modes through resource multiplexing. Within this framework, we tend to study the matter of maximizing weighted D2D add rate underneath cellular rate constraints by optimizing mixed-mode allocation and resource allocation in term of transmit power and subchannel assignment. Due to nonconvex cellular rate constraints and binary constraints of subchannel allocation, this problem could be a nonconvex mixed-integer downside that is generally tough to unravel. We have a tendency to propose a 2-step approach by introducing energy-splitting variables such that mixed-mode allocation and resource allocation can be decoupled and optimized independently. The ensuing algorithm can be distributive, needs little signaling overhead, and has low computational complexity. We tend to gift in depth numerical results to demonstrate the practicality of our proposed algorithm with regard to varied network parameters.

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