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1 . A Performance Evaluation Framework for Interference-Coupled Cellular Data Networks - 2016 Abstract
2 . Delay and Reliability Tradeoffs in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks - 2016 Abstract
3 . Mixed Mode Transmission and Resource Allocation for D2D Communication - 2016 Abstract
4 . Mobility-Aware Uplink Interference Model for 5G Heterogeneous Networks - 2016 Abstract
5 . On the Economic Effects of User-Oriented Delayed Wi-Fi Offloading - 2016 Abstract
6 . High Performance Reconfigurable Viterbi Decoder Design for Multi-Standard Receiver - 2016 Abstract
7 . A 55-GHz-Bandwidth Track-and-Hold Amplifierin 28-nm Low-Power CMOS - 2016 Abstract
8 . Combined LMS-LMF Based Control Algorithm of DSTATCOM for Power Quality Enhancement inDistribution System - 2016 Abstract
9 . Solar PV-Powered SRM Drive for EVs with Flexible Energy Control Functions - 2016 Abstract
10 . Video Dissemination over Hybrid Cellular and Ad Hoc Networks - 2014 Abstract

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