A Decentralized Damage Detection System for Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks - 2016


The unprecedented capabilities of monitoring and responding to stimuli within the physical world of wireless sensor and actuator networks (WSAN) enable these networks to supply the underpinning for several Sensible Town applications, like structural health monitoring (SHM). In such applications, civil structures, endowed with wireless smart devices, will be able to self-monitor and autonomously respond to situations using computational intelligence. This work presents a decentralized algorithm for detecting harm in structures by employing a WSAN. As key characteristics, beyond presenting a fully decentralized (in-network) and collaborative approach for detecting harm in structures, our algorithm makes use of cooperative data fusion for calculating a injury coefficient. We tend to conducted experiments for evaluating the algorithm in terms of its accuracy and economical use of the constrained WSAN resources. We have a tendency to found that our collaborative and info fusion-primarily based approach ensures the accuracy of our algorithm which it will answer promptly to stimuli (1.091 s), triggering actuators. Moreover, for 100 nodes or less within the WSAN, the Communication overhead of our algorithm is tolerable and also the WSAN running our algorithm, operating system and protocols will last as long as 468 days.

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