Effectiveness of Structured Textures on Dynamically Changing Terrain-like Surfaces


Previous perceptual research and human factors studies have identified many effective methods for texturing 3D surfaces to make sure that their curvature is accurately perceived by viewers. However, most of these studies examined the application of those techniques to static surfaces. This paper explores the effectiveness of applying these techniques to dynamically changing surfaces. When these surfaces modification shape, common texturing strategies, like grids and contours, induce a vary of various motion cues, that will draw attention and give info concerning the size, form, and rate of change. A person's factors study was conducted to judge the relative effectiveness of these ways when applied to dynamically changing pseudo-terrain surfaces. The results indicate that, while no technique is only for all cases, contour lines generally perform best, and that the pseudocontour lines induced by banded color scales convey the same advantages.

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