Relay Selection for Heterogeneous Cellular Networks with Renewable Green Energy Sources - 2018


With the advance of the photovoltaic panel technology, the infrastructure equipment of cellular networks with solar energy sources has attracted extensive interests. It's expected that base stations (BSs) and relay stations (RSs) with renewable energy can play important roles in reducing the facility consumption from electrical grids in future green cellular networks. Inspired by this technology trend, this Project considers a heterogeneous inexperienced cellular network, in which a half of RSs is powered by solar energy sources to represent the incremental deployment for the infrastructure with renewable energy in the close to future. We tend to formulate a replacement relay selection and power allocation problem with Mixed Integer Linear Programming to pick out solar-powered RSs and grid-powered RSs, such that the full grid power consumption is effectively minimized in decode-and-forward cooperative Communication networks. We tend to design an algorithm to derive the optimal solution, and also devise an efficient distributed algorithm to reduce the computational value. The simulation results demonstrate that the algorithms will effectively reduce the total grid power consumption with completely different channel conditions, different deployments of RSs in a very network, and totally different obtainable power levels in solar-powered RSs. In addition, the matter model and the proposed algorithms can be extended to support hybrid energy sources.

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