Impact of Wireless Energy Transfer Strategies on the Secrecy Performance of Untrustworthy Relay Networks


The purpose of this study is to investigate the performance of a dual-hop relaying network that contains an unreliable energy-constrained amplify-and-forward relay in regards to secrecy outages. In order to stop the relay from being able to decode confidential messages sent from the source, a technique of jamming based on the destination is utilized. In addition, research is being conducted into three different time-switching-based wireless energy transfer strategies with the goal of providing power to the relay. We are able to derive simple closed-form asymptotic expressions for the probability of a secrecy breach using these three different strategies when the signal-to-noise ratio is high. In addition, we provide analytical expressions for the optimal power allocation factor for the information transmission phase of the process. In the end, Monte Carlo simulations are run in order to validate the theoretical findings through the examination of a variety of illustrative examples.

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