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List of articles in category MTECH DSP/DIP PROJECTS
Super-Resolution Sparse MIMO-OFDM Channel Estimation Based on Spatial and Temporal Correlations
BER analysis of conventional and wavelet based OFDM in LTE using different modulation techniques
A Weighted OFDM Signal Scheme for Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction of OFDM Signals
Joint Sparse Representation for Robust Multimodal Biometrics Recognition
A Piecewise Linear Companding Transform for PAPR Reduction of OFDM Signals With Companding Distortion Mitigation
Modeling and Estimation of Transient Carrier Frequency Offset in Wireless Transceivers
Low-Complexity DFT-Based Channel Estimation with Leakage Nulling for OFDM Systems
Stochastic Analysis of the LMS and NLMS Algorithms for Cyclo-stationary White Gaussian Inputs
Estimation of Space-Time Varying Parameters Using a Diffusion LMS Algorithm
Local-Prediction-Based Difference Expansion Reversible Watermarking
Video Steganalysis Against Motion Vector-Based Steganography by Adding or Subtracting One Motion Vector Value
Prediction of DCT-based Denoising Efficiency for Images Corrupted by Signal-Dependent Noise
Super-resolution reconstruction of cardiac MRI Using coupled dictionary learning
Design of optimal wavelets for detecting impulse noise in speech
Experimental Analysis of Digital Image Retrieval Using SVD
Reversible De-Identification for Lossless Image Compression using Reversible Watermarking
Power-Constrained Contrast Enhancement Algorithm Using Multi scale Retinex for OLED Display
An Optimized Pixel-Wise Weighting Approach for Patch-Based Image Denoising
A New Secure Image Transmission Technique via Secret-Fragment-Visible Mosaic Images by Nearly Reversible Color Transformations
Generalized Equalization Model for Image Enhancement
Image Restoration Using Joint Statistical Modeling in a Space-Transform Domain

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