Centralized Cooperative Directional Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Networks - 2018


Most previous spectrum sensing techniques use omni-directional antennas. In contrast to omni-directional antennas, the use of directional antennas for spectrum sensing is a promising technique which will understand fine-grained sensing for the primary user (PU) with a extended sensing vary. During this Project, we have a tendency to propose a centralized cooperative directional sensing technique for cognitive radio networks. We have a tendency to assume that one secondary coordinator known as the fusion center (FC), gathers sensing results from secondary nodes. Using the reported information, the FC optimizes the sensing period, sensing power, and sensing beams per secondary node. For optimization, we have a tendency to use a changed gradient descent method with numerical methods to solve the nonlinear optimization problem. The simulation results show that our directional spectrum sensing technique is well suited for the present cognitive radio environment. The optimal theme shows proposed here higher performance in all simulation factors than the non-optimized theme.

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