Gain Scheduling With Classification Trees for Robust Centralized Control of PSSs


This paper takes advantage of wide-space measurements to propose a centralized nonlinear controller that acts on Power System stabilizers (PSSs), to cooperatively increase the damping of problematic small-signal oscillations the system. Details are given to utilize existing stabilizers while causing minimum changes to the equipment and warranting improvement, or a minimum of no detriment, of current system behavior. A collection of gains is designed by linear state feedback control to retort to representative system conditions, and these are coordinated with an equal variety of call trees in command of scheduling by switching. The ensuing nonlinear controller is implemented on a model that resembles the characteristics of the Central American System, exemplifying its feasibility to be applied in large systems. The impact of your time delay within the management loop is assessed, and the limits for tolerance to latency in this application are determined.

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