Internet of Things to Smart IoT Through Semantic, Cognitive, and Perceptual Computing


Fast growth within the Internet of Things (IoT) has resulted in a huge growth of information generated by these devices and sensors put on the Internet. Physical-cyber-social (PCS) huge data include this IoT data, complemented by relevant Web-primarily based and social data of numerous modalities. Good information is about exploiting this PCS huge knowledge to urge deep insights and build it actionable, and creating it potential to facilitate building intelligent systems and applications. This text discusses key AI research in semantic computing, cognitive computing, and perceptual computing. Their synergistic use is expected to power future progress in building intelligent systems and applications for rapidly expanding markets in multiple industries. Over the subsequent 2 years, this column on IoT can explore many challenges and technologies on intelligent use and applications of IoT information.

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PROJECT TITLE :Assessment of the Suitability of Fog Computing in the Context of Internet of Things - 2018ABSTRACT:This work performs a rigorous, comparative analysis of the fog computing paradigm and the conventional cloud computing

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