Projective Integration Method for Transient


The impact of a large number of distributed generators (DGs) combined with the use of virtual inertia on Power System transient stability has been extensively investigated. The most precise and reliable method of evaluating the dynamic behaviour of Power Systems is time-domain simulation. However, due to the integration of multiple DGs and synchronous generators, their computational efficiency is limited by their multi-time-scale feature. This research provides a novel projective integration method (PIM) for efficient transient stability simulation of high DG penetration Power Systems. To achieve both efficiency and numerical stability, one step of the proposed PIM is divided into two stages that use mixed explicit-implicit integration approaches. Furthermore, the PIM's stability is unaffected by its parameter, which is connected to step size. Based on this fact, an adaptive parameter scheme based on error estimation is designed to fit the system dynamics' time constants and boost simulation speed. The proposed method is several times faster than traditional integration methods while maintaining the same level of accuracy. The performance of the suggested method is verified using MATLAB/Simulink and DIgSILENT PowerFactory on test systems with DGs and virtual synchronous generators.

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