A Lightweight Secure Data Sharing Scheme For Mobile Cloud Computing - 2017


With the recognition of cloud computing, mobile devices can store/retrieve personal knowledge from anywhere at any time. Consequently, the information security drawback in mobile cloud becomes a lot of and a lot of severe and prevents further development of mobile cloud. There are substantial studies that are conducted to improve the cloud security. But, most of them don't seem to be applicable for mobile cloud since mobile devices only have restricted computing resources and power. Solutions with low computational overhead are in great need for mobile cloud applications. In this paper, we tend to propose a lightweight information sharing theme (LDSS) for mobile cloud computing. It adopts CP-ABE, an access management technology employed in traditional cloud environment, however changes the structure of access management tree to form it appropriate for mobile cloud environments. LDSS moves a massive portion of the computational intensive access control tree transformation in CP-ABE from mobile devices to external proxy servers. Furthermore, to reduce the user revocation cost, it introduces attribute description fields to implement lazy-revocation, that could be a thorny issue in program primarily based CP-ABE systems. The experimental results show that LDSS can effectively cut back the overhead on the mobile device aspect when users are sharing information in mobile cloud environments.

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