Lightweight and Expressive Fine-grained Access Control for Healthcare Internet-of-Things


The Internet of Things in Healthcare is a new paradigm that enables embedded devices to monitor patients' vital signals and enables these data to be aggregated and outsourced to the cloud. This new paradigm is known as the Internet of Things in Healthcare (IoT). Cloud Computing gives authorized users the ability to store and share data in order to take advantage of on-demand services. However, because of the untrusted network environment, dishonest cloud service providers, and resource-limited devices, it also causes a lot of security concerns. Existing solutions typically employ cryptographic tools to offer access controls. This is done so that the privacy of patients can be maintained. However, implementing fine-grained access control among authorized users is still difficult, particularly for end-devices that are lightweight and have limited resource availability. In this paper, we propose a novel healthcare IoT system that fuses the benefits of attribute-based encryption, Cloud Computing, and edge computing. This system offers an effective, flexible, and secure fine-grained access control mechanism with data verification in a healthcare IoT network that lacks a secure channel. Additionally, it enables data users to take advantage of lightweight decryption. In addition to this, the formal security models for our proposed scheme are defined, and security proofs are presented. Both the in-depth analysis and the experimental simulation have shown that our strategy offers superior performance to that of the alternatives currently available.

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