Message-Passing-Based Joint User Association and Time Allocation for Wireless Powered Communication Networks


A joint design of user association and time allocation for wirelessly powered Communication networks is developed as part of this body of work. During the initial phase of the downlink transmission, base stations (BSs) use a protocol called harvest-then-transmit to transfer wireless energy to users. After that, during the subsequent uplink phase, the users put the harvested energy to use by transmitting their information to the BS using that energy. To achieve the greatest possible throughput from the network, this configuration makes use of a general –fair utility. Specifically, the maximization of sum-rate, proportional fairness, and minimum rate each have their own separate areas of investigation. We present a brand new framework that is based on message passing in order to offer an effective distributed solution for the user association and to maximize the efficiency with which time is divided between the downlink and the uplink phase. In order to realize this shared objective, it is necessary for each user to choose a BS in a decentralized fashion so as to maximize the -fair utility. Following the discovery of the user association, an effective line search method is used to ascertain the time allocation. The results of the simulation show that the newly proposed algorithm performs better than existing methods.

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