On The Security Of A Class Of Diffusion Mechanisms For Image Encryption - 2017


The need for quick and robust image cryptosystems motivates researchers to develop new techniques to apply ancient cryptographic primitives so as to take advantage of the intrinsic options of digital pictures. One amongst the most common and mature technique is the utilization of complicated dynamic phenomena, including chaotic orbits and quantum walks, to come up with the desired key stream. During this paper, under the belief of plaintext attacks we have a tendency to investigate the protection of a classic diffusion mechanism (and of its variants) used as the core cryptographic primitive in some image cryptosystems based on the aforementioned complicated dynamic phenomena. We tend to have theoretically found that regardless of the key schedule process, the information complexity for recovering each part of the equivalent secret key from these diffusion mechanisms is solely O(one). The proposed analysis is validated by means that of numerical examples. Some additional cryptographic applications of this paper also are mentioned.

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