Precoding methods for multi-input multi-ouput interference channels with channel covariance Feedback


Usually, instantaneous channel info is required by the transmitter for the precoding in multi-input multi-output interference channels. Within the case of quick fading channels, the resultant further overhead of the system will be high. Against this, this study considers the scenario where the channel is spatially correlated and therefore the transmitter only has the covariance info of the channel so that the system overhead can be reduced. On the idea of most signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio (SINR) criterion, the author proposes two precoding ways, together with the iterative precoding and bisection search precoding methods. The first methodology solves the optimal precoder of a given user only if others' precoders are known, thus that the SINR can be increased gradually. Whereas the second methodology introduces an auxiliary variable, transforms the initial non-convex downside into a convex one, and solves it by convex optimisation softwares. Both the proposed strategies are proved to be convergent and their computation complexity and overheads are also analysed. Beneath numerous system settings, the proposed two ways are compared with a few existing precoding or joint transceiver strategies by numerical method and computer simulation, and the prevalence of the proposed methods is also shown in most cases.

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