Hybrid Precoding for Millimeter Wave MIMO Systems: A Matrix Factorization Approach - 2018


This Project investigates the hybrid precoding design for millimeter wave multiple-input multiple-output systems with finite-alphabet inputs. The precoding downside could be a joint optimization of analog and digital precoders, and we treat it as a matrix factorization downside with power and constant modulus constraints. This Project presents three main contributions. 1st, we present a sufficient condition and a necessary condition for hybrid precoding schemes to comprehend unconstrained optimal precoders exactly when the number of information streams Nssatisfies Ns = minrank(H), Nrf, where H represents the channel matrix and Nrf is the quantity of radio frequency chains. Second, we show that the coupled power constraint in our matrix factorization problem will be removed without loss of optimality. Third, we propose a Broyden-Fletcher-Goldfarb-Shanno-based mostly algorithm to unravel our matrix factorization problem using gradient and Hessian information. Many numerical results are provided to show that our proposed algorithm outperforms existing hybrid precoding algorithms.

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