This paper investigates the outage behavior of peak interference power limited cognitive radio (CR) networks with multiple transmit antennas. In CR-multi-input single-output (MISO) channel, the total transmit power is distributed over the transmit-antennas. First, we use the orthogonal space-time codes (STC) to achieve the transmit diversity at CR-receiver (rx) and investigate the effect of the power distribution on the interference power received at the primary-receiver (P-rx). Then, we investigate the transmit antenna selection (TAS) scheme in which the CR system selects the best transmit antenna and allocates all the power to the selected best antenna. Two transmit antenna selection strategies are proposed depending on if feedback channel is available or not. We derive the closed form expressions of outage probability and outage capacity of all schemes with arbitrary number of transmit-antennas. We show that the proposed schemes significantly improve the outage capacity over the single antenna systems in Rayleigh fading environment. We also show that TAS based scheme outperforms the STC based scheme when peak interference power constraint is imposed on the P-rx only if a feedback channel from CR-rx to CR-transmitter is available.

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