Grating Lobe Suppression in Sparse Array-Based Ultrawideband Through-Wall Imaging Radar


The use of a sparse through-wall radar array will significantly scale back the complexity and the prices of a radar system. But, thanks to insufficient spatial sampling, a sparse array typically suffers from strong grating lobes that seriously degrade image quality. To suppress grating lobes, we initial divided the full array aperture into two subapertures to examine the strategy of aperture difference. But, this technique suppressed only the grating lobes in the sting region rather than in the middle region. Thus, cross-correlation of the 2 subapertures was proposed, which would mainly cut back grating lobes in the center region. During this letter, a novel technique of cross-correlation weighting of aperture distinction is proposed, which shows great feasibility in suppressing grating lobes in both regions. Results from experiments are in agreement with the idea and simulation outcomes and show a dramatic improvement in image quality.

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