Pattern Distortion Analysis of Surface Plasmon Interference Lithography Using Line Grating Structure on Photoresist


Photolithography encompasses a resolution limit of the incident wavelength that is generated by the diffraction of light. Surface plasmon (SP) may be a recently proposed nanolithography technology that overcomes this diffraction limit. During this paper, we tend to specialise in the fabrication method so as to utilize SP with an on the spot grating structure, and we tend to compare the simulation and fabrication results: the pitch of the expected patterns is 120 nm within the simulation results and 121.5 nm in the calculation results. Thus, the fabrication results establish that the period of the patterns is a hundred and fifteen nm. These results demonstrate that it's possible for photolithography to use SP. Furthermore, the random horizontal patterns within the fabrication results are analyzed, and it's found that the patterns result from the mask aspect distortion. Therefore, reducing the mask aspect distortion using different techniques could enable clearer line patterns in surface plasmon interference lithography.

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