A Comparison of the Detection Sensitivity of the Poisson Clutter Split and Region of Interest Algorithms on the RadMAP Mobile System


This analysis uses supply injection into background knowledge collected by the Radiological Multi-sensor Analysis Platform (RadMAP) to characterize the performance of the Poisson Clutter Split algorithm and compare it with a region-of-interest algorithm. This comparison is performed for varying detector array sizes and false alarm rates using information from Sodium Iodide and High Purity Germanium detector arrays. The application of the Poisson Muddle Split algorithm is found to yield important performance gains for each medium- and high-resolution detector arrays. Furthermore, trade-offs between energy resolution, array size, price, and detection performance are explored. In doing thus, it's shown that the selection of detection algorithm is a key factor in determining the overall system performance and ought to be an vital consideration in system design.

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