Software Applications: Power System Transients and Dynamics [Book Reviews]


This book consists of 500+ pages with fourteen chapters. Each chapter has been written by a number of consultants from well-known institutes worldwide. The text will be divided into three major sections. The first five chapters cater to computer programs, Chapters 7 and 8 introduce 2 powerful numerical methods, and the ultimate six chapters give different samples of simulation and analysis of transients in electric Power Systems. The book begins with an introductory chapter providing both a historical background and basic theory of circuit-theory-based strategies and tools used in the ability system transients analysis. A transient instruction for implementing the models in the electro-magnetic transients program (EMTP) is additionally presented. Chapter two is devoted to ATP-EMTP, a noncommercial software for electromagnetic modeling of electrical Power Systems. When a transient history of ATP-EMTP development, totally different modules on the market during this software are introduced. Tips for the modeling of switches, transmission lines, electrical machines are provided, and the software???s graphical user interface (GUI)is described with several examples. this book could be a smart reference to become familiar with the tools and strategies out there for the numerical analysis of Power Systems transient and dynamics. It's intensive literature reviews and case studies covering major topics in the transient analysis of electric Power Systems. An advantage of this text is its presentation of a combination of recent analysis and ancient data in the realm. However, a lack of complete coherence and harmony between chapters is observed. Although this issue is, a lot of and fewer, seen in several edited books, it may have been improved by following the same pattern in presenting theory and examples in the whole book.

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