Comparison Of AES 128, 192 And 256 Bit Algorithm For Encryption And Description File


Humans now rely on technology and Communication to complete a variety of tasks swiftly, correctly, and efficiently. However, along with the positive effects of technological advancement, there are also negative effects, one of which is data collection. As a result, the security component of information Communication is highly valued. For various Communication systems, data security is a critical issue and a big concern. There are numerous critical and secret data in the realm of information that should not be made public. There are numerous methods for providing security to data that is being transmitted, one of which is cryptography, which is the correct method of data security for maintaining data confidentiality and authenticity while also improving the security element of an information. AES is one of the various algorithms that can be employed in cryptography (Advanced Encyption Standard). This research will compare the AES method from AES-128 bit, AES-192 bit, and AES-256 bit, with the goal of determining how much time and cpu utilization is required to encrypt and decode a file. The findings of the study demonstrate that AES 128 bit has a faster processing time than AES 192 bit and AES 256 bit in terms of processing time. In comparison to the other two AES algorithms, AES 192 bit takes the least amount of CPU power during the encryption and decryption of files.

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