Control of Aerial Robots: Hybrid Force and Position Feedback for a Ducted Fan


Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) attract the interest of the many fields of engineering, including management, aerospace and aeronautics, electronics, and materials. The analysis interest in the area of management engineering is especially targeted on the control of the vehicle, in an exceedingly totally autonomous way or with a partial human supervision, to fly through prespecified methods [1], to synchronize with different vehicles to form coordinated fleets [a pair of], to perform acrobatic maneuvers [3], to reconstruct unknown environments [4], and to perform different operations. Indeed, analysis in the field is driven by domains of application in which UAVs are usually used, such as surveillance and data acquisition in areas that are dangerous for human operators and inaccessible to ground vehicles. Several civil [5], [half-dozen] and military [7], [8] applications show their use in these contexts. The ability to fly within probably unstructured environments explains why UAVs are called flying robots (see [nine, Chap. forty four]), a terminology inspired by ground robots, the latter identifying vehicles moving autonomously on the bottom (see [nine, Chap. 17]).

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