Load Balancing With EV Chargers and PV Inverters in Unbalanced Distribution Grids


Balanced three-part four-wire distribution grids can host significantly a lot of distributed generation and electric vehicles. Three-section photovoltaic (PV) inverters and electric vehicle (EV) chargers can be custom-made to transfer power from highly loaded to less loaded phases, without overloading the inverter or charger. Grid conditions can be improved thanks to a a lot of balanced operation of the network and more PV panels and EVs will be connected before the limits of the network are reached. A classic coordinated charging strategy for EVs is customized in this paper. It's shown that the charging of EVs will be improved when power can be transferred from one part to a different. Using PV inverters with a balancing inverter, the ability injected in every part will become a controllable variable as the total amount of created power will not essentially need to be equally divided across the 3 phases. The enhancements made by using EV chargers and PV inverters that can balance the network are investigated. Many load flow simulations with realistic information show a positive effect on the system losses, the grid voltage, and voltage unbalance. Finally, a local controller is proposed to control the balancing between the phases when a real-time Communication channel isn't out there.

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