Event-Based Control and Scheduling Codesign: Stochastic and Robust Approaches


With the advent of networked embedded management systems (NECSs) new opportunities and challenges have arisen. Among others, the challenges result largely from variable communication delays, access constraints, and resource constraints. An event-primarily based control and scheduling (EBCS) codesign strategy for NECSs involving a group of continuous-time LTI plants is proposed during this paper addressing all aforementioned challenges. A novel illustration of the network-induced delay as an unsure variable belonging to a finite set of various bounded intervals is further proposed. The transition from one bounded interval to a different can be arbitrary or according to a stochastic process. Concerning the type of the transition and the ensuing discrete-time switched polytopic system of the NECS, 2 versions of the EBCS downside are introduced: A robust EBCS downside under arbitrary transition and a stochastic EBCS downside underneath stochastic transition. World uniform sensible stability with guaranteed performance (measured by a quadratic value perform) is guaranteed for both versions once formulating them as LMI optimization problems. The effectiveness of the proposed EBCS strategy is illustrated along with a comparison between its versions for a set of mobile robots. Notably, the EBCS strategy is usually applicable to discrete-time switched polytopic systems.

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