Use of input necessary assignments for test generation based on merging of test cubes


A category of take a look at generation procedures achieve take a look at compaction by merging of compatible take a look at cubes. The number of tests is reduced when 2 check cubes, c0 and c1, are merged and replaced by one check cube. Additionally, the merging of c0 and c1 could end in the accidental detection of faults that aren't detected by c0 or c1 alone. This will be used for rushing up the test generation method. This study enhances the chance of accidental detection by incorporating into the test cube merging process test cubes that represent input necessary assignments of target faults. Before generating a take a look at cube for detecting a fault, merging of its input necessary assignments with alternative test cubes might result in the accidental detection of the fault. Experimental results for benchmark circuits demonstrate that this impact is significant in reducing the quantity of faults for that take a look at generation wants to be carried out, thus speeding up the take a look at generation process.

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