Design and analysis of a visible-light-Communication enhanced WiFi system


Visible light-weight Communication (VLC) has wide unlicensed bandwidth, permits Communication in radiofrequency-sensitive environments, realizes energy-efficient data transmission, and has the potential to spice up the capacity of wireless access networks through spatial reuse. On the opposite hand, WiFi provides a lot of coverage than VLC and will not suffer from the probability of blockage because of the road-of-sight demand of VLC. So as to take the advantages of each WiFi and VLC, we have a tendency to propose and implement 2 heterogeneous systems with Web access. One is that the hybrid WiFi-VLC system, utilizing a unidirectional VLC channel because the downlink and reserving the WiFi backchannel because the uplink. The asymmetric answer resolves the optical uplink challenges and edges from the total-duplex Communication based on VLC. To more enhance the robustness and increase throughput, the other system is presented, in which we have a tendency to combination WiFi and VLC in parallel by leveraging the bonding technique within the Linux operating system. We additionally theoretically prove the prevalence of the aggregated system in terms of average system delay. On-line experiment results reveal that the hybrid system outperforms the conventional WiFi for crowded environments in terms of throughput and.Net page loading time, and additionally demonstrate the additional improved performance of the aggregated system when considering the blocking period and the gap between the access purpose and therefore the user device.

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