Chain-based Covert Data Embedding Schemes in Blockchain


The selection of Communication channels and the development of data embedding schemes are the two primary factors that determine the quality of covert Communications. In recent times, the Bitcoin system has become increasingly popular for use as a secret Communication channel. The consensus mechanism calls for participants to disseminate their newly discovered valid blocks while navigating a difficulty level that can be adjusted. This results in a stable periodic broadcast channel. Because of the pseudonymous nature of the Bitcoin system, it is difficult to track down both senders and receivers of Bitcoin transactions. When it comes to the design of data embedding schemes, the openness of the ledger and the fact that it is persistently stored within the Bitcoin system present new challenges. This is because the historical data that is stored in the ledger cannot be removed from the Bitcoin system. To provide further clarity, the majority of conventional data embedding schemes either employ heuristic or empirical algorithms in their design, or they make use of a fixed field, in order to embed data within transactions. Therefore, once the algorithm is discovered to have been compromised or the pattern has been investigated, the covert data can be recognized. A hash chain-based covert data embedding (HC-CDE) scheme is the first thing that will be discussed in this article. The embedded transactions are notoriously difficult to unearth. We further propose an elliptic curve Diffie–Hellman chain-based covert data embedding scheme, which we refer to as the HC-CDE scheme, in order to improve the HC-CDE scheme's level of security. The proposed solutions are put through rigorous testing on the Bitcoin Testnet, which demonstrates both their safety and their effectiveness.

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