Internet of Things in the 5G Era: Enablers, Architecture, and Business Models


The IoT paradigm holds the promise to revolutionize the manner we live and work by means that of a wealth of latest services, primarily based on seamless interactions between a massive amount of heterogeneous devices. When decades of conceptual inception of the IoT, in recent years a large selection of Communication technologies has gradually emerged, reflecting a massive diversity of application domains and of Communication needs. Such heterogeneity and fragmentation of the connectivity landscape is currently hampering the total realization of the IoT vision, by posing many advanced integration challenges. During this context, the advent of 5G cellular systems, with the availability of a connectivity technology, that is without delay actually ubiquitous, reliable, scalable, and cost-efficient, is considered as a probably key driver for the yet-to emerge international IoT. In the present paper, we have a tendency to analyze in detail the potential of 5G technologies for the IoT, by considering each the technological and standardization aspects. We tend to review the current-day IoT connectivity landscape, with the most 5G enablers for the IoT. Last but not least, we illustrate the large business shifts that a tight link between IoT and 5G could cause in the operator and vendors ecosystem.

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