Electrothermal flow on electrodes arrays at physiological conductivities


AC electrothermal (ET) flow is inevitable for microfluidic systems dissipating electric energy during a conducting medium. Thus, many practical applications of biomicrofluidics are susceptible to ET flow. Here, a series of observations are reported on ET flow in a very microfluidic chamber that houses three electrode pairs. The observations indicate that the variations in liquid conductivity and channel height critically impact the structure and magnitude of the flow field. Observations indicate that after a crucial conductivity a world ET flow is gift within the chamber, whereas at lower conductivities a vortex is gift at each electrode edge. In addition, no ET flow is observed when the chamber height is kept below a crucial worth at physiological conductivity (~one.five S/m). The experimental observations are compared with the numerical simulations of ET flow. The validity of the assumptions created in the present AC ET flow theory is also mentioned in the light of the experimental information. The observations can be important while designing microfluidic systems that involve power dissipation in conductive fluids.

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