Reliable and energy-efficient cooperative routing algorithm for wireless monitoring systems


The recent increased interest in distributed and versatile wireless pervasive applications has drawn great attention to Wireless Networked Management Systems (WNCS) architectures based on Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks (WSANs) and the ensuing Quality of Service (QoS) obtained in specific applications. In wireless monitoring systems primarily based on WSANs, providing sure QoS specifications in terms of reliability and energy efficiency is crucial for the sensors/actuators as they perform actions primarily based on the information samples/received with a restricted amount of energy to spend. To this aim the paper introduces the cooperative-primarily based routing algorithm to ensure a smart performance trade-off between reliability and energy potency of the wireless monitoring system. Simulations have been meted out in order to quantify the impact of the proposed algorithm on the monitoring system reliability and energy potency and a comparison is presented with the existing Ad-hoc On-Distance Vector (AODV), the cooperation along the shortest non-cooperative path (CASNCP) and minimum-power cooperative routing (MPCR) algorithms. Finally it's shown the applying of the proposed algorithm to healthcare monitoring system stating because the cooperation-based routing algorithms are suitable and rewarding for the management of the long run generation of monitoring systems.

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