Provably Secure Dynamic Id-Based Anonymous Two-Factor Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol With Extended Security Model Sign In Or Purchase - 2017


Authenticated key exchange (AKE) protocol permits a user and a server to authenticate every alternative and generate a session key for the following Communications. With the rapid development of low-power and highly-economical networks, like pervasive and mobile computing network lately, several economical AKE protocols are proposed to attain user privacy and authentication within the Communications. Besides secure session key establishment, those AKE protocols offer some other helpful functionalities, such as two-factor user authentication and mutual authentication. However, most of them have a number of weaknesses, such as vulnerability against lost-good-card attack, offline dictionary attack, de-synchronization attack, or the shortage of forward secrecy, and user anonymity or untraceability. Furthermore, an AKE scheme underneath the public key infrastructure could not be suitable for light-weight computational devices, and the safety model of AKE does not capture user anonymity and resist lost-smart-card attack. In this paper, we tend to propose a novel dynamic ID-based anonymous 2-issue AKE protocol, that addresses all the higher than problems. Our protocol also supports sensible card revocation and password update while not centralized storage. Further, we have a tendency to extend the protection model of AKE to support user anonymity and resist lost-sensible-card attack, and therefore the proposed scheme is provably secure in extended security model. The low-computational and bandwidth value indicates that our protocol can be deployed for pervasive computing applications and mobile Communications in practice.

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