Modeling and Verification of Symbolic Distributed Applications through an Intelligent Monitoring Agent


Emerging paradigms for distributed computing, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Ambient Intelligence, and Smart Cities, all contain Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) as an essential component. In these kinds of circumstances, the difficulty of testing, verifying, and monitoring applications in the scenarios for which they were designed ranges from challenging to impossible to even consider. The correctness of a program can only be investigated using existing simulators at the source code level, and only with a limited degree of precision. This article presents a method and a system for modeling and verifying symbolic distributed applications that run on wireless sensor networks (WSNs). This method makes it possible to extend the code of a distributed application at a high level of abstraction, which enables the code to be tested and reprogrammed directly on devices that are already in use on the network. The intelligent architecture that has been proposed makes it possible to execute distributed applications and to verify that the supplied correctness conditions have been met. With some sample applications and quantitative experiments measuring the overhead introduced by the monitoring operations, this paper demonstrates that the proposed approach is both feasible and effective even when networks contain nodes with limited resources.

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