Fast Globally Optimal Transmit Antenna Selection and Resource Allocation Scheme in mmWave D2D Networks


The process of transmit antenna selection, abbreviated as TAS at base stations, has been the subject of extensive research and is currently utilized by a great number of Communication networks (including those employing massive MIMO systems). The implementation of TAS in small user equipments (UEs) that employ switchable directional antennas is becoming increasingly common as a result of the diminutive size of microstrip antenna elements that are applicable to millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequencies. In this paper, we consider device-to-device Communications (also known as D2D Communications) that are used to underpin cellular networks, with the proviso that each D2D user equipment is fitted with selectable transmit antennas. By utilizing the Generalized Bender's Decomposition (GBD) algorithm, we were able to solve the problem of selecting the globally optimal transmit antenna and allocating channels to D2D UEs, as well as determining the transmit powers of both cellular and D2D UEs. Although we reformulated the non-convex primal subproblem of the proposed GBD-based method into convex form, we were still able to obtain the corresponding closed-form solution through analytical manipulations. As a result, the execution speed of the proposed method was significantly increased (at least 60 times), as shown by the simulation results.

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