Charging Level of a Ligament-Droplet System Atomized in a Uniform Electric Field


During this paper, a numerical algorithm has been formulated for calculating the charge magnitude on a spherical droplet created by breakup of a cylindrical ligament in an external electrical field. The algorithm relies on the finite-component method and it determines the droplet charge as a function of the droplet radius and ligament length. It's been found that the droplet charge could be a operate of particle radius to some exponent, which is equal to a pair of when the droplet is in direct contact with the atomizer and reduces dramatically to approach, because the ligament length increases. The result of the ligament radius on the charging level has been found to be important and increases with the ligament length. It decided that the charging level is suffering from the presence of adjacent ligaments and previously ejected droplets. To research the dynamics of the droplet atomization, the Navier-Stokes equations, describing the fluid motion, furthermore the level-set equation for tracking the interfaces between air and liquid have been solved. A comparison between the charging level of the dynamically fashioned droplets and an assumed spherical one has been presented. It's been found that the expected charging level of the spherical droplet is lower than the one amongst the actual shape in the range 15percent-twenty six%.

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