Coordinated Insertion Control for Inclined Precision Assembly


This paper proposes a hybrid control strategy to coordinate inclined insertion for precision assembly, so as to extend the capability of coping with disturbances. Precision assembly needs accurate manipulation, whereas thanks to perturbations, objects could be initiated with deviated posture and hold this deviation during insertion. To enhance the assembly robustness to inclination, we tend to develop a coordination structure: compensational motions for the mismatch between inclined posture and insertion direction by using kinematics and image Jacobian matrix ways; contact force acquisition to handle the indirect posture measurement between force sensor and inclined object, by profiting from the microimaging characteristics; and a hybrid coordinated insertion strategy to house the insufficient degree-of-freedom (DOF) allocation on every arm, applicable for assemblies in interference match or clearance match. Experiments are dispensed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed ways.

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