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JOR Iterative Method for the Modeling of MTLs Excited by EMP

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JOR Iterative Method for the Modeling of MTLs Excited by EMP


In recent years, the distributed analytical illustration and iterative technique (DARIT) based mostly on the Jacobi iteration methodology (Jacobi-DARIT-field) and the Gauss-Seidel iteration technique (Seidel-DARIT-field) were proposed to handle the transient electromagnetic field or the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) radiated field coupling to multiconductor transmission lines (MTLs). Compared to the Seidel-DARIT-field methodology, the Jacobi-DARIT-field technique includes a higher computational potency but a lower convergence rate. So as to enhance its convergence rate, this letter extended the Jacobi-DARIT-field methodology with the Jacobi over relaxation (JOR) iteration algorithm and proposed a JOR-DARIT-field methodology. The performances of the JOR-DARIT-field technique and also the Jacobi-DARIT-field method were compared through the MTL modeling examples. It could be concluded that both methods have a high computational potency when computing the EMP coupling to MTLs. However, the JOR-DARIT-field methodology has a higher convergence rate than the Jacobi-DARIT-field technique with a correct relaxation issue (RF).

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JOR Iterative Method for the Modeling of MTLs Excited by EMP - 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 votes

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