Resource Allocation for Cost Minimization in Limited Feedback MU-MIMO Systems With Delay Guarantee


During this paper, we tend to design a resource allocation framework for the delay-sensitive multiuser multiple-input multiple-output (MU-MIMO) broadcast system with restricted feedback. Considering the scarcity and interrelation of the transmit power and feedback bandwidth, it's imperative to optimize the 2 resources in a joint and efficient manner whereas meeting the delay-QoS requirement. Based mostly on the effective bandwidth theory, we first acquire a closed-type expression of average violation probability with respect to a given delay requirement as a perform of the transmit power and codebook size of the feedback channel. By minimizing the overall resource cost, we have a tendency to derive an optimal joint resource allocation theme, which can flexibly regulate the transmit power and the feedback bandwidth in keeping with the characteristics of the system. Moreover, through an asymptotic analysis, some easy resource allocation schemes are presented. Finally, the theoretical claims are validated by numerical results.

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