Multichannel Double-Talk Detector based on Fundamental Frequency Estimation


Multichannel acoustic echo cancellers aim at reducing the undesired acoustic coupling among microphones and loudspeakers in multichannel audio/video teleconferencing systems. In this state of affairs, double-speak refers to true in that there is a lively speaker each within the remote room and in the local room. The detection of double-talk is one in every of the most problems to be faced in such systems to ensure an accurate echo cancellation. Indeed, filters coefficients update needs to be suppressed during double-speak in order to forestall the filter from diverging as a result of of the presence of the native speaker. During this paper, a unique approach for double-talk detection is discussed primarily based on the estimation of the elemental frequency of the residual error signals through adaptive second-order notch filters. A lot of specifically, simultaneous speaker activity within the remote and local rooms is revealed by exploiting the same frequency tracking introduced for multichannel decorrelation. Several experiments have been allotted to prove the effectiveness of the proposed approach conjointly making comparison with other solutions of the cutting-edge.

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