Early Science Results From the Heterodyne Instrument for the Far Infrared (HIFI) on the Herschel Space Observatory


The Heterodyne Instrument for the So much Infrared (HIFI) on the Herschel House Observatory covers 480 to 1250 GHz and 1410 to 1910 GHz for high spectral resolution astronomical spectroscopy. Herschel was launched on fourteen Could 2009, and following cooldown and commissioning, HIFI has been used along with the other two focal plane instruments for a wide range of astronomical observations. These have ranged from studies of the structure of the interstellar medium in nearby galaxies to detailed studies of the chemistry in star-forming regions of the Milky Method. Observations of the solar system have yielded new results concerning water in comets and its relationship to the Earth's oceans. During this paper, following a temporary review of the instrument and its performance, we offer an outline of the most vital HIFI discoveries to date. This is essentially terribly selective, however is meant to offer a touch of the results obtained with this instrument that has really opened submillimeter wavelengths for high-sensitivity/high-resolution spectroscopy.

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