Early Skip Mode Decision for HEVC Encoder With Emphasis on Coding Quality


Although High Potency Video Coding (HEVC) is appropriate for prime definition (HD) and ultra-HD video services because of its high compression efficiency and excellent coded picture quality, its high encoding complexity is an obstacle for wide-spread practical applications. Although several quick coding schemes will alleviate the complexity downside, their coding quality suffers much. In this paper, an early skip mode call is proposed to cut back the encoding complexity of HEVC while not sacrificing its coding quality abundant. The proposed methodology determines the skip mode by utilizing its distortion characteristics simply when calculating rate-distortion price of 2N × 2N merge mode, and people prediction units determined as the skip mode don't undergo remaining mode call processes. The threshold for the early call is estimated directly from the video information themselves. Experimental results show that the proposed technique achieves encoding complexity reduction of in random access main condition and 26.four% in low-delay main condition on average with virtually no coding loss compared to the HEVC full rate-distortion optimized call.

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