Fast coding unit selection and motion estimation algorithm based on early detection of zero block quantified transform coefficients for high-efficiency video coding standard


High-potency video coding (HEVC) is the newest video coding customary developed by the joint video team, consisting of ITU-T video coding consultants cluster and ISO/IEC Moving Image Consultants Group. The HEVC commonplace has aggregated an exhaustive algorithm for mode call primarily based on a recursive quad-tree structured coding tree block. Moreover, several specific features have been incorporated into the motion estimation (ME) method to boost its coding potency. However, they resulted in terribly high computational complexity. To accelerate the encoding method, fast mode call algorithms for the partitioning module and conjointly for the ME module were proposed in this study. These algorithms are based on early zero block detection technique. To enhance the potency of these algorithms, an overall algorithm which combines the 2 techniques has been implemented. The performance of the proposed algorithm was checked through a comparative analysis in terms of encoding time and compression rate. Compared to HEVC test model ten.0, the authors' proposed algorithms bring a nice reduction of the HEVC complexity encoder with a saving time, that can reach twenty five% in average for various tested videos and a small coding loss in terms of image quality and compression rate.

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