THz Time-Domain Sensing: The Antenna Dispersion Problem and a Possible Solution


Optically pumped THz sources generate power in GaAs semiconductors via photoconductive interaction mechanisms over very massive bandwidths. However, they are typically full of low efficiencies, additionally as a result of of the poor radiation efficiency of the wide band antennas that are used to radiate the THz power in free area. This paper compares the gain performances of systems primarily based on cutting-edge linearly polarized lens antennas with those, proposed here for the first time, that would be obtained by printing these same antennas on micrometric membranes kept at tiny distance from the lens. The advantages in terms of efficiency and useful bandwidth (BW) intrinsic in these designs are shown to be necessary, especially in the upper frequency ranges. Among these enhanced styles, the simplest performing feed is shown to be the recently introduced leaky lens antenna, that outperforms other geometrical options in terms of pattern symmetry and polarization purity for time domain primarily based THz power generation systems.

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