A Graphene-Based THz Ring Resonator for Label-Free Sensing


During this paper, we have a tendency to report on a unique resonant THz sensor for label-free analysis. The structure consists of a silicon nitride dielectric ring resonator vertically coupled to a skinny layer of graphene strip ring resonator on top. The cladding is assumed to be porous alumina on the high of the graphene strip, that enhances the interaction of the surface plasmon wave and also the target molecules. Finite distinction time domain analysis is employed to systematically design the structure and to analyze the performance of the sensor. Our simulations show that the proposed structure has larger refractive index sensitivity and lower intrinsic quality issue with respect to the similar optical structure. It's also shown that the general performance of the proposed structure in terms of figures of advantage is superior to the performance of an identical optical structure. The proposed structure will be used for lab-on-a-chip sensing applications because of its compactness and is capable of being spectrally or spatially multiplexed for multi-analytic sensing.

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