Optimal and Robust Scheduling for Networked Control Systems [Bookshelf]


The book beneath review is distinctive in that it blends tools known from optimal and robust control theory to style performance-oriented, robust, and reliable NCSs with time-deterministic behavior. The matter of computation complexity of offline optimization is solved through quick stochastic algorithms, whereas the acceptable network configuration is given through measures of sturdy performance. The authors also provide sensible examples driven mainly from the automotive field to point out the effectiveness of their approaches. The book is organized in 10 chapters, and most chapters represent results published by the authors in scientific journals. For readers with a basic grasp of optimal control, robust control, and Communication theory, this books presents a foundation for designing reliable, optimal, and strong controllers across networks. The remarkable points of this book embrace the development of an engineering tool for NCSs with guaranteed performance and robustness which the look techniques are applied to hardware-in-the-loop automotive management systems. The material is successfully presented during a kind that's pleasant to read. Management practitioners and engineers will be motivated by this blend of theory and observe to boost the results whereas conjointly dealing with new challenges that can arise, such as developing plug-and-play model-free controllers that self-heal and solve the optimization problems online, whereas conjointly attenuating any disturbances coming into the network. Two flaws of the book are that the authors expect a sure degree of mathematical sophistication from the reader, but, at the same time, some mathematical derivations seem unclear. The authors ought to have provided a lot of introductory chapters or appendices. Moreover, they must create accessible the Matlab code that they used to generate the simulations.

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