Spacecraft Dynamics and Control: An Introduction [Bookshelf]


This book consists of twenty six chapters and two appendices. The exposition is divided into roughly 5 components: Basic kinematics and dynamics of particles and rigid bodies; Orbital mechanics of purpose mass objects; Spacecraft angle dynamics; Feedback management theory; and Pactical applications of the above four to spacecraft management. This book can be considered as a prequel to those wishing to review the additional advanced graduate-level text of Hughes. Overall, I consider this book an wonderful pedagogical exposition of spacecraft dynamics and management, valuable for a student or skilled who has never before been exposed to the present material and needs to come back up to hurry with the basics of orbital mechanics, attitude kinematics and dynamics, and feedback control theory. A terribly notable feature of this book lies in the successful unifying treatment of spacecraft orbital dynamics, angle dynamics, and management using the vectrix calculus. For these reasons, I not solely strongly suggest this book for college students and practitioners, as well as educational and company libraries, however additionally have little doubt that this book can earn its place amongst the opposite glorious treatments of the topic mentioned above.

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