Variations in Cathodoluminescent Intensity of Spacecraft Materials Exposed to Energetic Electron Bombardment


Several contemporary spacecraft materials exhibit cathodoluminescence when exposed to electron flux from the house plasma environment. A quantitative physics-primarily based model has been developed to predict the intensity of the overall glow as a operate of incident electron current density and energy, temperature, and intrinsic material properties. We tend to present a comparative study of absolutely the spectral radiance for a lot of than 20 varieties of dielectric and composite materials based mostly on this model, which spans a lot of than 3 orders of magnitude. Variations in intensity are contrasted for various electron environments, totally different sizes of samples and sample sets, completely different testing and analysis ways, and information acquired at different check facilities. Together, these results permit us to estimate the accuracy and precision to which laboratory studies could be ready to determine the response of spacecraft materials in the actual house setting. It additionally provides steering on the distribution of emissions which will be expected for sets of similar flight hardware under similar environmental conditions.

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