Combination of Noninvasive Approaches for General Assessment of Induction Motors


There exists no single amount in a position to diagnose all potential failures taking place in induction motors. Currents and vibrations monitoring are rather common within the trade, but every of these quantities alone can only detect some specific failures. Moreover, even for the specific faults that a amount is supposed to detect, several issues may rise. As a consequence, a reliable and general diagnosis system cannot depend on a single quantity. On the other hand, it'd be fascinating to rely on quantities which will be measured in a very noninvasive way, that could be a crucial demand in several industrial applications. This paper proposes a twofold methodology to detect electromechanical failures in induction motors. The tactic relies on analysis of currents (steady state + transient) combined with analysis of infrared information captured by using applicable cameras. Each of those noninvasive techniques might offer complementary information that will be terribly helpful to diagnose an enough wide range of failures. In the present paper, the detection of 3 illustrative faults is analyzed: broken rotor bars, cooling system problems and bearing failures. The results show the potential of the methodology that will be particularly appropriate for giant, expensive motors, where the prevention of eventual failures justifies the costs of such system, because of the catastrophic implications that these surprising faults might have.

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